What Matters Most for Hoboken….

Our People

Constituent services

Public safety

Affordable housing


Our Growth

Getting development right

Investing in infrastructure

Parking & transportation

Lessening tax burden

Economic development

“Urban Village”

State of the art
community center

Amending flood ordinance to preserve historic character

Green initiatives/Open spaces

Good Governance

Improve oversight of City Hall

Fiscal Responsibility

Our Team
The Wining Team for Hoboken!

James Aibel

Jim is currently Chairman of the ZBA, having served for 8 years. And he has served our community well by holding firm against over development yet supporting development that makes sense for Hoboken. He is passionate about land use and wants to ensure we have a more robust strategic plan for our community.

Sal Starace

Sal has been a resident of Hoboken for 14 years. He and his wife Anju are currently raising their three beautiful daughters, and he has been very active in their education and activities in Hoboken. Sal is a career Construction Union Representative and knows what it is like to represent the interests of large, diverse groups of people and work collaboratively and sometimes have difficult conversations in order come to the best outcomes for those he represents. Hoboken is faced with many complex issues ranging from inadequate constituent services to the threats of overdevelopment and Sal is incredibly well positioned to address all of these.

Jason Ellis

Jason and I have known for 10 years. Jason has two children, one who attends Wallace where his wife Carrie works. Jason’s passion is ensuring his children have the best possible education and community in which to grow up. He has been increasingly active in the decade that he has lived here from advocating for our skate park along Sinatra Drive, to leading his condominium association to working with his neighbors to fight the overdevelopment in the third ward. He is a finance person by day and will be focused on making sure we keep taxes stable and get the most out of each development that gets built in Hoboken.

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